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Sharing Intelligence
Keep informed of financial and real estate markets by tapping into our Capital Intelligence. We offer you real-time Canada Mortgage Bond (CMB) and Government of Canada Bond (GOC) data as well as real estate market information sharing.

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Hawthorn Retirement Group, Mark Burnham
"We were particularly impressed with how Fred took the time to really learn our business. Rather than having a broker mentality, he is relationship-driven and he operates with a business-partner mentality.  And we now look at him as a business partner."

Canadian Pension Fund
"Inno takes the time to target a package and it’s obvious they have thought it through from our side. They know what our loan program looks like so the financing will be structured appropriately. They know the lenders."

Canadian Financial Institution
"They are a good liaison; they talk to the borrower and they know what we like and need – and that creates value on both sides, for the lender and the borrower."

Sherwood Developments, Fausto Pereira
"Innocapital is a consistent and reliable source of credit. They have a pipeline to a multitude of lenders and CMHC. They have been acting as an advocate for our business for over twenty years. Innocapital is relationship – drive and we rely upon them as our business partner."